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Selection and setup of free services is to be made on Internet site www.tarlancard.kz in “Private cabinet” or by dial-up numbers 8 80 50 800 800; 590 900 is for Kazakhtelecom JSC subscribers (for cities with six-digit numbering) and 2 590 900 (for Almaty)

Services are provided with 0 commissions.

  • Transfer of money from “Tarlan card” card to “Tarlan card” card.
  • Access to services of “Tarlan card” card without PIN-code (Authorization by ANI). The service allows making calls and managing services without PIN code dial-up. To use this service, you have to register direct phone numbers, from which card owner will make calls (for instance, home or business). When correct number identification, the system will automatically make authorization and provide access to services.
  • Subscriber call by short (2-digit) dial-up (record book). The service simplifies subscriber call as instead of complex digits combination of complete subscriber’s number you have to dial-up only two digits of direct dial-up number.
  • Receiving information on connection cost in concrete direction in current moment (current tariff auto informer).
  • Revision of statistics by calls made and Internet connections. Detailed report on calls (date, duration, direction, cost etc.) and Internet connections (time, date of connection and length).


Support service telephone number: 8 800 080 5000 (call is free by Kazakhstan)