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Setup of remote access and Dial-Up Internet connection


To make Dial-Up Internet connection you must have telephone line, PC and Dial-up-modem. Output is secured from any Kazakhtelecom JSC phone number. Internet services stop automatically when zero balance on "Tarlan card" card



  • access speed by analogous lines of analogous ATS: up to 33,6 Kbit/s.
  • Access speed by analogous lines of e-ATS: up to 56 Kbit/s.
  • Connection time record: minutes.

To connect Internet you need to:

  • Setup remote access on your PC.
  • Make connection with Internet by access number 2 590 590 (Almaty), 590 590 (Kazakhtelecom JSC subscribers in cities with 6-digits numbering) or 8-750-10-10-750.
  • Enter Login –card serial number and password– "Tarlan card" card PIN-code
  • Connect to Internet.


1. Setup of remote access


1.1. Start up new connection: Run → Programs → Standard → Communication → Master of new connections:



1.2. In the window appeared press “Further”. You go to the window, where you must indicate type of connection– “Make manual connection” → “Further”:



1.3. As Internet connection mention– “Through usual modem” → “Further”:



1.4. In the window appeared give name «Internet» for created connection and press “Further”:



1.5. Next window appears, where you must indicate phone number for connection– 2 590 590 (Almaty), 590 590 (for Kazakhtelecom JSC subscribers in cities with 6-digit numbering) or 8 750 10 10 750 → “Further”:



1.6. Now in filed User’s name” enter seven-digit card serial number, in field “Password” – ten-digit crd PIN-code → “Further”:



1.7. After pressing “Further” button a window will appear. Press “Ready” and new  connection created:



2. Internet connection

Run Internet connection: Run → Setup → network connections → Internet → Call:






3. Internet disconnection: Run → Setup → Network connections → Internet → Disconnect.



Support service telephone number: 8 800 080 5000 (call is free by Kazakhstan)