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Short description

Tarlancard” prepaid cards are assigned for long-distance/international calls and Internet access from any telephone supporting tone dialing (telephone with blocked “eight”, pay telephone). All types of “Tarlan card” prepaid cards support the following services:



  • Long-distance and international telephony.
  • Long-distance communication from Russia to Kazakhstan (“Direct country call”).
  • Dial-Up and Wi-Fi Internet.


  • Access to “Tarlan card” cards services without PIN-code dialing (“authorization by ANI").
  • Subscriber call by short (2-digit) dial (“Record book”).
  • Statistics review by call made and Internet connections.
  • Money transfer from “Tarlan card” to “Tarlan card” card.
  • Receiving information on connection cost in concrete direction in current time (“Current tarrif autoinformer”).

Option and setup of services is performed on WEB-portal www.tarlancard.kz in “Private cabinet” or by dial-up numbers: 8 80 50 800 800; 590 900 is for Kazakhtelecom JSC subscribers (for cities with six-digit numbering) and 2 590 900 (for Almaty)


Support service telephone: 8 800 080 5000 (call is free by Kazakhstan)